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You have always wanted to eat fresh food. But do you know grains or milled flours that are available in the market do not have optimum nutrient values as they are stored for months after being made ready to eat.

Your grandmother knew that. She knew once the grains are out of their shell, the nutrient values are retained only for 15-30 days (depending upon the type of the grains) and that’s why she ground 5 or 10 kg flour which never lasted more than 10-15 days.

If you are not doing the same, you are NOT taking your health seriously!

Farmer’s fresh believes only in nutrient rich farm fresh food. Our grains are delivered fresh to home within 3-5 days after the shells are removed. We urge you to eat fresh food only.

Consume our farm fresh hand picked produce within a month to get the optimum nutrition and health benefit.

The quality, taste and aroma are the standout factors that can be felt in every bite of farmer’s fresh grains. You can count on our plough-to-package USP to enjoy the freshest food of India.

How to Get Food Fresh to Home
How to Get Food Fresh to Home

About Farmer’s Fresh

“At the heart of Farmer’s Fresh, there is a belief the prosperity of small and marginalised farmers is of great virtue.”

5 years ago, we had the vision to form an organisation that will empower and enrich the lives of small farmers. We wanted to help them achieve better production and price for their agricultural commodities. Today, we are proud to achieve the small milestone of touching the lives of 1200 rural families in Chhattisgarh.

Farmer’s fresh is an agricultural echo system that brings locally grown, nutrient rich, freshest food to the conscious customers. Our produces are sown, grown and harvested carefully by local farmers in the villages of Chhattisgarh. The grains are sun cured and milled fresh before it reaches you- the customers.

We work closely with hundreds of small farmers in the villages of Chhattisgarh and help them cultivate hundreds of acres of sustainable farmland. Farmer’s Fresh works across agricultural value chains from production and processing to distribution in order to bring unique products from our local farmers. Our farmers don’t have to struggle for packing, transporting, weighing their hard-earned commodities. Moreover, they are assured whatever they cultivate would be sold on time with a better return.

Before the government introduced “Support Price” for agriculture produce in 2006, The agricultural commodities of farmers had very low market value. Most of the farmers still struggle to avail the benefits of the scheme as only those who have their own land can sell it to the government agencies/societies.

We strive to share farmers’ lives, their stories and encourage them to produce quality crops that are grown with the labour of love. We bring these ‘authentic’, products to our customers.

Farmer’s fresh is your source of fresh-milled 100% pure agriculture produce. At Farmer’s fresh you get what farmers grow for themselves. We do not store grains for long for a profitable business model. Its shipped to you in a day once you place your order on our website.

We believe that nutritious food produced from nature is the cornerstone of a healthy community. Having grown up in a farmer’s family of Chhattisgarh, it was natural for us to find the modern food culture a bit gloomy. We belong to the family of well-known farmers from Kuchi, a small village in Chhattisgarh state. Our ancestors were well-known agriculturist who used to grow all kind of agriculture products with the help of local tribes and small farmers. Yet due to the higher study and job, we have been away from the village life for more than a decade. While we used to eat the fresh rice grown and processed in our village, we were no more getting that luxury in the metro we have lived in. The rice is different, the wheat tastes different and so do all grains we use on a daily basis. This transpired us to do something that will not only help us get the best quality grains, but serve the community as a whole.

Our aim is to restore the forgotten food-diversity through traditional techniques. And we take pride in making great food available to our friends, our neighbours, and you. We have set the gold standard for nutrient-dense whole grains, freshly milled flour and dry product blends. We painstakingly curate our products by exploring, discovering and extracting/growing abundant food variety and thus restoring the forgotten food-diversity through traditional techniques.

We believe farmers are the backbone of India’s economic reforms and they deserve to live a better life. And We continue to serve them the best way we can.