Phalada Agro Pure and Sure

Phalada Agro Pure and Sure

Phalada Agro Pure and Sure is a range of certified organic food products sourced directly from farmers. The Phalada Agro is a company based in South India dedicated to producing high quality organic products.

Phalada was founded in 1999 to develop inputs for organic farming that help improve soil fertility and protect crops from pests and diseases.

Phalada Agro Pure & Sure products pass through a series of rigorous quality measures. Needless to say their products are of the top most quality. The company tests every product for microbiological contamination and heavy metals to ensure that no impurity reaches your kitchen.

Phalada Agro Pure and Sure carry out various measures to test pesticide residue and chemical analysis. The company also produces a wide array of Ayurvedic herbs in compliance with the API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India).

The company is involved in organic farming for the last few decades. By replacing the chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, it brings health and well-being, enriching both lives and environment.

Organic farming methods help us keep balance and maintain harmony between humans and our natural world.

Phalada Agro Pure and Sure offers a range of organic Food Products since year 2011. We sell a wide range of products under this brand, which includes spices, pulses, grains, oils, super foods, snacks, beverages & Instant Mixes.