Pure & Sure Organic Brown Sugar-1kg

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Brown sugar is a healthy alternative to white processed sugar as it contains a lower calorific value. Our brown sugar is soft, moist and fine-grained to give you the perfect taste and experience while sipping your tea, coffee or any morning drink.

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Pure & Sure Organic Brown Sugar-1kg
Pure & Sure Organic Brown Sugar-1kg Rs. 143.00 Rs. 128.00 MRP
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Organic Brown sugar also known as cane sugar or raw sugar is a better alternative to white sugar. Brown sugar is directly made from sugar cane juice by boiling it on large pans and then by letting it cool to crystalize. The brown colour is because of the presence of molasses. The Brown sugar from Pure & Sure is purely organic which is completely free of chemicals and pesticides.

Health Benefits of brown sugar over white sugar

Here are the reasons to buy organic brown sugar which is better than white sugar when we talk about health front.

  • Used in number of skin care products to make the skin soft and to remove dead cells and dirt.
  • Reduces the menstrual cramps if consuming drinks having brown sugar.
  • Post pregnancy it helps a new mother to recover quickly.
  • Contains fewer calories than sugar thus beneficial for weight management.
  • Gives energy when feeling tired.
  • In ancient times, Brown sugar is used to help the women in uterine contraction.


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