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Farmer’s Fresh Premium Rice Flour 1kg

 100.00  90.00 MRP

  • Description

    Freshly milled aromatic rice flour from farmers’s fresh is just perfect for all kind of ocassion. It is made of premium quality new rice and packed in transparent cover to display the product quality.

    Dishes made of Rice Flour

    In Chattisgarh a festival is incomplete without rice poori, known as “Chausela” or “Sohanri”. It has a heavenly taste if served hot with tomato chutney. Preparation is very simple, take boiling water and slowly pour it on rice atta, mix with spoon. Let this mixture sit for 5mins and then prepare a dough out of it. Prepare small poori’s and deep fry them.

    Even same dough can be used to prepare another famous Chhattisgarhi dish called “Fara” , specially if looking for a low oil recipe. Just prepare small cylinders with the dough and steam them. Put some oil on pan, add mustard and cumin seeds. When seeds crackle add some curry leaves and then put the steamed fara on top of the mix. Serve this hot Fara with ghee and tomato chutney to make a delightful breakfast. Well, there are lots of other recipes which are easy to prepare with rice atta. You just need to google out to prepare the sumptuous food at home.

    Unique Features of Farmer’s Fresh Rice Flour

    • Consistency in taste, aroma and quality.
    • Contains higher concentrations of the essential elements such as selenium and zinc.
    • Lower glycaemic index than other rice flour.
    • No sugar, Good for Diabetic people.
    • No cholesterol, good for the heart.
    • Helps prevent constipation.
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