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HATHMIC Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 1000ml

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    Coconut is one of the world’s most nourishing superfoods. This creamy taste of the tropics is great for sautéing and baking, enhancing your favorite recipes, and body care. Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed and never refined, deodorized or bleached!

    The oil is produced from the Milk of Freshly Shredded and First-pressed Coconut Meat of Hand selected Mature Coconuts. It’s ideal as a medium-heat cooking oil, a nutritious substitute in baking and even “better than butter” on bread, vegetables or popcorn. Savor its rich aroma, smooth & sweet flavor.

    Key Features:

    • 100% Raw, Pure, ExtraVirgin, Vegan, Unrefined, Unfiltered, Unbleached.
    • Cold-Pressed which means the process uses absolutely No Heat at any stage (classed as RAW food) to retain its Virginity,the Natural aroma,Vital Nutrients and its Composition.
    • Hathmic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a natural replacement for all processed oils and butter. No Additives / Preservatives. Zero Transfat/Zero Cholestrol/Zero Lactose/Zero Gluten.
    • Wide mouth for easy use during winters as Virgin Coconut oil starts solidifying below 24°C. Our Hathmic VCO is  packed using Glass Jars for Zero rate of Chemical Interactions which Promises the Virginity. Refrigerate to enjoy the Buttery, creamy texture during summer.
    • Very high in MCT’s and Lauric Acid (more than 50%) .Can be used for Internal Consumption & External Application .MULTIPURPOSE COCONUT OIL – Hathmic Coconut Oil can be used for various purposes such as COOKING, DIETARY, BEAUTY, SKIN & HAIR CARE, MOM & BABYCARE, CLEANING, SHAVING, MAKEUP REMOVER, BODY MOISTURISER, PET CARE and MORE.

    Health Benefits of Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    When we talk about the health of heart, skin and hair,the extra virgin coconut oil is undoubtedly the master of all saturated oils. Some of the main health benefits of coconut oil are:

    • Build the immunity system.
    • Lessen the bad cholesterol level and improves heart health.
    • Helps in controlling and reducing hypothyroidism.
    • Aids in weight loss.
    • Beneficial in healing wounds.
    • Improves digestive system.
    • Helps In Dermatitis and Infections.


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    1. Avatar

      Ankit Jha

      This is the first time I bought Hathmic coconut oil from VitSupp. I must say the packing was very good. I wanted oil in a glass bottle as I have been hearing about microplastic. The product is very good and smells nice.

    2. Avatar

      chandraavinash1 (verified owner)

      An amazing product. Really satisfied with its smell and taste. Perfect for cooking.