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Avoid Pregnancy Safely

Avoid Pregnancy Safely.

A consumer awareness guide by vitsupp healthcare.

Includes all modern contraception methods available. Safety, side effects, price, dosage and brand recommendations discussed.

You’ll Learn :

[thb_iconlist icon=”fa fa-check-square” color=”#59d600″]All natural & pharmaceutical contraceptive methods available.,Pros & Cons of each method.,Safety & Side effects discussed.,Effectiveness of contraceptives discussed.,Contraceptive brands recommendation.,Pricing of contraceptive brands.,Comparison of all brands.[/thb_iconlist]
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(167 Reviews)

A best seller in the contraceptive category. Bought by over 700+ women.

“The book is very detailed. Helped me understand a lot about contraception. There was a lot of things that I actually did not know!”

-Priya Barretto, Software Engineer

“Bought this for my wife, as we struggled with family planning. The side effects discussed were of paramount importance to us.”

– Shashank P.

“I found the side effects section and the frequently asked questions as eye-opener. Everybody should be more careful about contraception. Don’t take this lightly”

-Ritika Chandr, Home-maker

“Good book. The FAQ section is very useful, had real life questions, but can be longer.”

Anjum U., Artist

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